Happiness doesn’t always depend on your material wealth, status or career, but often on other, more emotional aspects. So what can you do to increase or gain happiness in your life? Here are 5 awesome ways to gain happiness.


Find the Silver Lining

Always look for the positive rather than the negative. When you wake up in the morning, practice an attitude adjustment, say to yourself “today is going to be an awesome day” and believe it!

Practice what you love

If you enjoy dancing, go dancing. If you enjoy running, go for a run. By taking part in activities you enjoy, happiness will come naturally. 

Nurture your Relationships

Become involved in your community, whether it be in projects or volunteering, a sense of community and bonding with like-minded individuals will give you a sense of belonging.

Show Gratitude

Feeling and expressive gratitude is extremely important for happiness. When you say “thank you”, say it with meaning and mean it when you say it!


Become more self aware

When you feel yourself become angry or despondent, rate it on a scale of one to ten. Nobody is happy all of the time, it’s all about how you deal with it.