5 Reasons Why You Should Try Salt Therapy

I enjoyed my first session of Salt Therapy yesterday and I can absolutely say that I had the most amazing nights sleep last night. I found myself going to bed early and only waking once during the night. I had incredibly lucid dreams yet woke up totally refreshed and energised. I highly recommend you try Salt Therapy.

Upon arrival I was assessed by a therapist who asked me questions regarding my overall health and how well I slept. She then explained how Salt Therapy works and what to expect.
I was then given some really sexy plastic booties to put over my shoes and shown to my room. It was just me for the first 40 minutes which was lovely. I sat in a super comfy seat and took advantage of the foot rest and fluffy blanket. The lights were dimmed and all I had to do was relax and breathe normally.
For me to sit in one place for an hour and do nothing can be stressful in itself. I feel like I should always be busy, whether it be reading to educate myself or listening to a podcast on my iPod. So yes, I brought books, magazines and my iPod with me. But I did not open my backpack. Instead I took total time out and dozed for the full hour!


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Salt Therapy is a natural, non-invasive way in which to deal with stress, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Salt (Sodium Chloride) has the capacity to convert positive ions into negative ions.
Negative ions, put simply, are oxygen ions with an extra electron attached. Negative ions are created in nature where air molecules disintegrate as a result of sun light. When there is a breakdown of sodium, (eg. inside a salt room) there is a high concentration of negative ions.
Negative ions bond with the impurities found in the air. These impurities (eg. dust, mould spores, pollen, pet dander, odours, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses and other allergens) become too heavy to remain airborne.
Once bonded, the impurities are no longer airborne (they drop to the floor or to a nearby surface), thus removing it from the air you breathe. The air will now be sterilised and purified preventing respiratory problems and other health issues.
Salt Therapy has been known to strengthen the immune system by improving the function of your respiratory tract. Salt Therapy can help to protect your lungs from inflammation, thus reducing respiratory illnesses (eg. colds, flu, asthma and hay-fever). When sitting in a Salt Room you are exposed to tiny salt particles that will cleanse and detoxify your respiratory system. By breathing normally, tiny salt particles are able to enter the respiratory system and are then delivered deep into your lungs. The salt then dissolves phlegm in the bronchial tubes and kills micro-organisms that cause infections.
These particles enter the upper and lower areas of the respiratory system by simply breathing normally when in the Salt Room. A session of Salt Therapy consists of sitting in a room which is built entirely of salt bricks. The floor is covered in salt rocks and is extremely crunchy to walk on (it’s not recommended to go bare-foot!)
Salt Therapy is believed to improve your health by:
Improving Sleep
Salt Therapy promotes abundant oxygen levels in the blood. The negative ions help normalise brain function, resulting in relaxation, calmness and better sleep. The negative ions can calm and relax the nerves by promoting abundant oxygen levels in the blood, normalising breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure and relieving tension and stress.


Salt Therapy


Reducing depression, anxiety and stress
The negative ions can calm and relax the nerves by promoting abundant oxygen levels in the blood, normalising breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure and relieving tension and stress.
Improving Athletic Performance
Salt therapy has been used successfully by athletes looking to improve their fitness by improving lung function, increasing lung capacity and increasing stamina. Blood flow is increased and circulation is improved allowing quick recovery time after training and injury.
Recovery from physical exhaustion or fatigue is improved by increasing oxygen levels in the blood. The negative ions contained in the salt helps to accelerate recovery from fatigue and speed up physical recovery after training or after injury.
 Alleviate Hay-fever and Seasonal Allergies
Salt has a natural ability to absorb, and holds a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. These properties help to eliminate airborne pollen particles from the airways. They also help by decreasing the production of mucus and volume of sneezes. Some time spent in the Salt Room will help with strengthening the immune system and reducing the use of medications/antihistamines.
Reduce Instances of Colds and Flu
Salts natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties help to break up mucus, relieve congestion and inflammation in the whole respiratory system. These properties also help to reduce symptoms of runny nose, sore throat and will help to clear nasal congestion. Salt Therapy also helps to kill germs and bacteria that can cause inflammation and the production of mucus. It can also improve lung function, loosen mucus and decrease shortness of breath, wheezing and congestion.
Salt Therapy can help to strengthen your immune system by improving your respiratory tract function and can help to protect your lungs from inflammation. Salt Therapy can help to reduce respiratory illnesses such as colds, flu, asthma and hay-fever.
Why not give Salt Therapy a try?
Have you tried Salt Therapy? How did you find it? Did you experience any health improvements? Please leave a comment.