Isn’t it time to enjoy life again? When we get comfortable with what we’re doing and we stop challenging ourselves, thoughts or actions – we become paralysed. We feel like we have become stuck in a rut.

And that’s when we start the feeling that something is missing or that we are missing out.

Welcome to *Shiny Object Syndrome.

You start *page-sucking on Facebook, You read numerous Blog Posts and articles believing that you are doing “research”. You write out your “to-do” list and it’s a mile long, so you end up avoiding all of the tasks on it.

At the end of the day, you have achieved nothing.

Does this sound like you?

Whenever I find myself feeling or acting this way, here’s what I do:

1. Change ONE Daily Habit.

It’s possible that you’re just suffering from boredom. Often, just altering your habits is all you will need to do to get out of that rut.

For example, if you’re used to having lunch at your desk, or skipping lunch altogether, step away and enjoy a change of scenery. Take your lunch outdoors. Or take a walk right after lunch instead of going straight back to the office.

Alter just one daily habit TODAY. 

2. Make New Connections

If you are an entrepreneur who works from your own home office, it can be difficult to find real connections. Online connections are great but sometimes they don’t feel real and aren’t as satisfying as face to face conversation.

It’s time to make new friends who don’t live in your computer. New connections and new conversations can be incredibly inspiring. You will no longer feel that something is missing.

3. Reconnect with YOU.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you love doing? What did you love to experience? Why did you stop? Whatever you were enjoying back then, you might still enjoy today. Whenever I feel that something is missing, I am always guided back to the outdoors. My entire childhood was made up of outdoor endeavours – horse riding, bush walking, swimming, cycling, running and more. I find that being outdoors still truly invigorates and motivates me.

Find something you enjoy and take the time to experience it daily if possible.

4. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Maybe it’s time to try something new. Stepping away from what is comfortable for you can be challenging but is necessary for personal growth. Fear of change is what stops us from making new choices. Or perhaps it’s the fear of failure that’s holding us back.

Why not take a course? Learning a new skill can be extremely satisfying. Your new learning program doesn’t have to be work related. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn pottery or maybe learn to surf?

Trying something new is an immediate way in which to become reinvigorated and to reignite the passion in your life.

*Shiny Object Syndrome

The tendency for someone to get distracted by new thoughts and ideas, their own and others, and never focus or complete anything. This loss of focus could cost you hundreds of hours a year in lost productivity and lost hours.


Devouring any and all posts on Facebook (or your social media of choice) for no real reason, except to waste time or avoid certain tasks.