Here we are, finally settled into our new digs. Let me tell you, these past few weeks have been a very challenging time. But what is a life without it’s challenges when aiming to live Your Passionate Life, right?

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Trying to find a place to live was probably our most frustrating challenge. We thought it would be easy to try and find a place prior to making the BIG MOVE, sight unseen, grab the keys and get settled. But in reality, no real estate agent would sign us without an inspection first.

So our next thing was to make the move, check into a hotel and start the inspection process.

This in itself was a challenge. Many years ago it was easy to walk into a real estate agents office, see something you liked on their list of available apartments, give them a deposit for the keys and go and inspect it by yourself.

It appears that real estate agents no longer allow this. Instead, you have to find the property you like on their website, apply to inspect. Then choose a time from what they are offering, wait for the confirmation then turn up on the day (and it could be a week away from the day you want to inspect).

We did this many times, and often our inspection times were cancelled (cue – frustration).

So many of the places we looked at were not considered comfortable living (in our opinion), others were awesome. These “unacceptable” properties were priced the same as the awesome ones (go figure).

Out of all the places we inspected, we applied for four. We were getting desperate. We did NOT want to live out of a suitcase indefinitely, no matter how romantic that sounds. Funnily enough, we were accepted to the place we REALLY wanted, followed by acceptances to the other three within 24 hours!


If there is a moral to this story it’s:


Although we were anxious to find a place to move into ASAP, it paid to be picky and living out of a suitcase (and hotel hopping) for a week wasn’t really too bad in the whole scheme of things.


We have now finally moved into the apartment we REALLY wanted.

We are within walking distance to the beach (one block).

We are walking distance to the local shopping centre.

Our street is nice and quiet.


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