So often we say we want to live our most Passionate Life right? What steps have you taken? The following is 6 Steps I Have Taken To Find My Passionate Life.

Those of you who know me know that I have made the BIG MOVE to living my Passionate Life. Allow me to elaborate.

My partner and I decided approximately two years ago that we would make the move from Melbourne (Australia) to sunny Queensland. To be perfectly honest, you would think that we were born and raised in QLD. We both love Rugby League (a typical QLD game), hate AFL (a typical Victorian game), love the heat and the lifestyle. Our holidays are always spent in QLD. We despise the weather in Melbourne (too cold in Winter, too unpredictable in Summer).

So, to make the move all sounds so simple right? WRONG! For us, anything that could go wrong did go wrong!

These are the 6 Steps I Have Taken To Find My Passionate Life.


Step 1. Find and secure a new job in the town/city where we wanted to move to.

This was probably the easiest thing for us to do. We travelled to QLD to attend job interviews (after successful phone interviews). We arrived to beautiful weather, had super successful interviews, then travelled back to Melbourne to await the verdict. We were offered jobs the following day. We were so happy and could not wait to sign on and hand in our notice in our current jobs.

Step 2. Quit our current jobs

The day came for us to resign. Excited much? Yep! We booked our meeting with our boss, handed in our letters of resignation, then began the countdown to our final shift. Personally I found our final shift to be a bit of an anti-climax. After being in the department for 9 years, there was no fanfare, no thanks, nothing…. All the more reason for leaving.

Step 3. Pack up all of our worldly possessions (i.e. our entire lives) into boxes.

Packing was a nightmare. Even though we started early, we still found ourselves scrambling at the last minute. We sold a lot of furniture on eBay, but could have gotten rid of more. In hindsight, I would have moved with much less “stuff”.

Step 4. Book a truck

This was a nightmare. Getting accurate quotes was near impossible. We had no address to go to at this point. Every company we spoke to wanted to know a) How many floors? b) Was there a lift? etc. Then we had a situation with our apartment building manager. NO, we could NOT move on the date we had already arranged. So there was a mad scramble to move our stuff out three days early! With NO help from anyone  (hello bruised and beaten bodies). We were even two hours late to our own farewell as a result.

Step 5. Book our airfares

No problem here. This was in all honesty the easiest part! We even managed a nap on the plane.

Step 6. Try to find a place to live.

OMG! What a disaster. We tried to secure something over the phone, sight unseen, but no real estate agent was interested. We arrived in QLD with plans to find an apartment and move in immediately. Sadly, this has not happened. We have gone to countless inspections, most were complete hovels, and have also been knocked back on the ones we really liked and did apply for. So at this point, we are still living out of suitcases in hotels. Ugh!

Tomorrow we start our first shift. We will be taking part in refresher training and induction. We work for two days (as we agreed to join only on a casual basis) then have two weeks off till our next shift!

Here’s hoping we have a place to move into very soon!


Even though we have had numerous obstacles, I’ve shed some tears (from frustration and feeling sorry for myself) I still feel that if we had not taken the plunge to pursue our Passionate Life, we would still be in Melbourne, stuck in a rut and hating life.

Living your Passionate Life is never easy, it takes courage and persistence. It takes guts and determination. If you desire it enough, you will go after it.

I have faith that we will soon be settled and loving life in sunny QLD.



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