How To Get More Of What You Want? 

What do you want more of? Do you want more Happiness? Do you want more Passion? Do you want more Inner Peace? Great, but how do you go about getting what you want without seeming selfish? Is it really possible to get what you want without losing the respect of others or by being manipulative? Try the following 7 Ways To Get More Of What You Want.

The Idea

Start with an idea of how you can go about getting more of what you want. Make a game plan. Write down some points. How will you work through these points?

Be Sociable

Socialise with people who make you feel happier. Fraternise with people who you have a high regard for. Mingle with people you have great respect for. Hang out with people who are adventurous. Enjoy the company of people who are passionate.


Be Kind

Always be kind, no matter how you feel or where you are. Being kind to someone has a domino effect. Being kind to others will produce positive ripples in this otherwise cynical world. Don’t forget to also be kind to yourself too.

Show Self-Respect

Show self-respect. Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t take things too personally. When people make a comment, it isn’t always about you. If it’s something you don’t want to hear, let it slide and move on.


Throw yourself a party or gathering. Invite all of your favourite people. If you want a disco ball, have one! Play the music YOU want to play. Dance like no-one is watching. Eat the cake! It’s YOUR party! Want to learn MORE about Playtime


Show Gratitude

Show gratitude, ALWAYS. Be thankful, ALWAYS. Show thanks to the people who compliment you. They will most likely be surprised. Many of us don’t bother to show thanks or show our gratitude like we should.


Share your achievements, wins, successes and accomplishments. People love to celebrate, so if you have something to celebrate, share it! Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your workmates.

Always want for more. There is nothing wrong with this, just don’t get too greedy. If you truly want something, want it with all your heart. Manifest it and it will come.

7 Ways To Get More Of What You Want
Get More of What You Want Without The Guilt
Ways To Get More of What You Want Without The Guilt