When was the last time you enjoyed all that your hometown had to offer? Have you ever visited the local attractions? Have you enjoyed the exhibitions and markets on offer? No? Well, let me show you 7 Ways To Become A Tourist In Your Hometown.

1. Plan Your Day

Do some research if you aren’t sure what your city/town has to offer. Look up local websites and plan your day. Take a look at weekend markets or events that are coming up and make the most of them.

2. Use Pedal Power

Enjoy a leisurely ride on your bike. Explore small laneways and paths that those always in a car will never experience. Many cities offer bike hire and have wonderful, safe bike paths, so there are no excuses.


3. Don’t Forget Your Camera

Become more observant. Take pics of things you wouldn’t otherwise look at or notice. Looking back over your photo’s you will be surprised at the amazing moments you enjoyed.

4. Enjoy Seasonal Treats

Every season brings wonderful treats right to your doorstep. Enjoy yummy berries and other fruits. Take your time to pick your favourite fruits and vegetables. Try experimenting with new recipes at home. There is nothing better than foods picked straight from the ground, tree or bush. Alternatively, visit local farmers markets for fresh treats.


5. Check out the Theme Parks, Zoos and Museums

Visit the Museum you’ve been meaning to. Take in an exhibition. Enjoy some time at the zoo amongst the animals. Visit a local Theme Park and enjoy being a child again. Try the rollercoaster, scream like nobody can hear you!

6. Live Near a Lake, Beach or River?

Try paddle-boarding, surfing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling or fishing. Sit on the beach, go barefoot, sink your feet into the hot sand or cool water. Take in the sunset or sunrise. Just being near the water will give you a feeling of tranquility and help you to relax.

Salt in the air

7. Live near the mountains?

Hiking is a wonderful way in which to de-stress and get back to nature. It’s a chance to switch off from social media for a day and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Go bird watching. Enjoy the scent of the seasonal flowers. Take in the sounds of the earth, far away from the frantic traffic.

The photo below? Yep, that’s me, out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on a hike 🙂



Have you enjoyed being a tourist in  your own city? I’d love to hear of your experiences.

Become a Tourist
Tourist In Your Home Town