About Passionate Life Project

Creating Balance Between the Life You Have and the Life You Desire.

Hi, my name is Dee, owner, and creator of Passionate Life Project. I’m also a former Personal Trainer. In the past, I followed a combination of heavy lifting, running, yoga, and gymnastics to stay fit, healthy and happy. But, due to injury and chronic pain, my lifestyle now is a little more relaxed.

I believe that lifetime health and happiness can be found by improving your mind, body and spiritual connections.

My passion is helping busy women flourish and get past overwhelm and overload. I help women to shift their mindset, showing them how nourish themselves from the inside out (not just with food), creating more freedom, happiness and success in their health and their lives. 

Passionate Life Project came about when I realised that so many women are so busy living their lives in a constant blur of family, career, friends etc that they have simply forgotten how to really enjoy life, myself included.

We women have become so independent, we rarely ask for help. When we do need help, often don’t know where to go.

As women we have become so independent, we rarely ask for help.

When we do need help, we often don’t know where to go.

 In recent years, my life had gotten out of control. I was fully focused on becoming successful no matter what.

I was working a full time job (shift work) plus setting up my own business, studying to improve myself, trying to maintain relationships, yet neglecting my own self-care.

As a result, I became burnt-out, exhausted and resentful. I was constantly ill and had no energy to follow my passions.

One day it hit me. If I didn’t start living and enjoying my life NOW, when will I?

That day I made a choice, my choice was to start living life fully.

Are You Looking To…

  • Take back control?

  • Learn to enjoy life again?

  • Savour those things you used to love?

  • Start living life again (on your terms)?

If this sounds like you, please join me as I help you to restore your happiness and freedom.

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