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7 Things About Sleep You Need To Know Today

You probably think you know everything there is to know about sleep right? Have you considered that there are people out there who are phobic about sleep? (Nightmare On Elm Street anyone?) Well, here are 7 things about sleep you need to know today.  1. Somniphobia Is The Fear Of Sleep Imagine being afraid to […]

What is a Somniloquist? Could you be one?

What the hell is Somniloquy I hear you say? som·nil·o·quy  (sŏm-nĭl′ə-kwē) from Latin somnus (sleep) + loqui (to speak) The act or habit of talking in one’s sleep. Somniloquy is the technical term used for talking in your sleep. Many of us sleep comfortably and quietly. But for reasons so far unknown, some of us can be […]

Compare Your Naps. The Good, the bad and the ugly

Napping (Noun) To sleep for a brief period, often during the day; doze. Everyone knows how harmful sleep deprivation can be, Being overly tired on a regular basis can increase your chances of suffering chronic diseases or illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. Compare Your Naps. The Good, the bad and the […]

How To Maintain A Healthy Sleep Routine During The Holiday Season

It’s not always easy to stick to your sleep routine during the holiday season! When you’re shopping for that perfect gift, rushing from one party to another, attending multiple family gatherings, your regular sleep routine is likely to go out the door! Then there’s the likelihood of travelling for the holidays and having to deal […]

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead!

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead! How many times have you heard this phrase? Does it feel like something we should be proud of, like a scar or a badge of honour? The myth that we will “sleep when we are dead” is total bullshit! Yep, you heard me! This kind of belief can be destructive […]

Grounding For Sound Sleep

Grounding For Sound Sleep. What exactly is Grounding? Have you ever wondered why you always feel so relaxed whenever you spend time by the ocean or in the bush? Have you noticed that when on vacation by the beach, you sleep better? Grounding (also known as “Earthing”) is the practice where we connect electrically with […]

Some Interesting Facts About Sleep

Some Interesting Facts About Sleep We all often wonder how necessary sleep really is. Following are some interesting facts about sleep. It’s been suggested that learning to play the Didgeridoo (an Australian musical instrument) can assist in alleviating snoring by strengthening the throat and pharyngeal muscles. This can help to keep the airways clear. (source – […]