Booking a Hotel Stay? How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

How to get the most out of your next hotel stay - top tips from a reservations consultant for a large hotel group.
Improve health and wellness

Need To Improve Your Health and Wellness? Try Personalised Vitamins

Improve your health and wellness with a monthly vitamin subscription. Read my full review of Viable.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Solo Travel When in a Relationship

Wanting to travel but worried that your relationship will suffer? It is possible to indulge your wanderlust without jeopardising the bond you share.

The Bloody Long Walk Really Was A Bloody Long Walk

Early last year I took part in a charity walk — The Bloody Long Walk. It’s a 35km challenge to cure Mito. I figured, I walk every day, so why not put my walking to good use and raise some much-needed funds for charity?

Live Like Julia Roberts, Discover The Amazing Gold Coast Today

Are you ready for a vacation filled with sun, surf, and adventure? It's time to head to the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia!

What’s The Best Seat on a Plane: Window or Aisle?

Which seat is the best seat when flying? Everyone has an opinion as to which seat is the best seat on a plane. Let’s weigh up your choices.
Planning a micro-adventure

Planning a Micro-Adventure for the Not So Adventurous

7 ways to overturn your mediocre life and embrace change - a micro-adventure is the key!
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All Alone And Feeling Vulnerable? How To Deal With Self-Isolation

Are you all alone? Are you feeling scared or vulnerable? Do you need some encouraging words on how to deal with self-isolation?
Make money by losing weight

How To Earn Real Money By Losing Weight

What if I told you that you could reach your goal weight and earn money while doing so? This might be all the motivation you need.