Your physical fitness is an essential part of living. But, you don’t have to join a gym to improve your fitness levels. There are many ways to improve your fitness. I love to use HIIT, Stretching, Yoga, Flexibility Training and more.


The Bloody Long Walk Really Was A Bloody Long Walk

Early last year I took part in a charity walk — The Bloody Long Walk. It’s a 35km challenge to cure Mito. I figured, I walk every day, so why not put my walking to good use and raise some much-needed funds for charity?
Make money by losing weight

How To Earn Real Money By Losing Weight

What if I told you that you could reach your goal weight and earn money while doing so? This might be all the motivation you need.

Rediscover Your Inner Child

So many of us forget what it's like to be young, child-like and fancy free. With no responsibilities or stress happening in our lives. The best way to feel young and stress free is to rediscover your inner child. But, how do I do this (without…

Playtime is for Everyone

Playtime isn't just for kids. Playtime is for everyone! When did our spare time become all about entertainment rather than good old PLAYTIME? Remember the days when you would spend sunny days outdoors, playing on swings, riding your bicycle…