Travel to experience new places and cultures can help us grow personally and professionally. Travel to learn more about yourself and the world. Travel is one of my passions and I can’t wait to share more about my adventures both here in Australia and also overseas.

Booking a Hotel Stay? How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

How to get the most out of your next hotel stay - top tips from a reservations consultant for a large hotel group.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Solo Travel When in a Relationship

Wanting to travel but worried that your relationship will suffer? It is possible to indulge your wanderlust without jeopardising the bond you share.

The Bloody Long Walk Really Was A Bloody Long Walk

Early last year I took part in a charity walk — The Bloody Long Walk. It’s a 35km challenge to cure Mito. I figured, I walk every day, so why not put my walking to good use and raise some much-needed funds for charity?

Live Like Julia Roberts, Discover The Amazing Gold Coast Today

Are you ready for a vacation filled with sun, surf, and adventure? It's time to head to the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia!

What’s The Best Seat on a Plane: Window or Aisle?

Which seat is the best seat when flying? Everyone has an opinion as to which seat is the best seat on a plane. Let’s weigh up your choices.
Planning a micro-adventure

Planning a Micro-Adventure for the Not So Adventurous

7 ways to overturn your mediocre life and embrace change - a micro-adventure is the key!

Moving On!

Every year, it's becoming more and more difficult. I struggle terribly with the cold, miserable winters of Melbourne. My health suffers, my mood suffers, I become utterly miserable. I don't go out, I don't exercise, I never enjoy the fresh,…

7 Ways To Become a Tourist in Your Hometown

When was the last time you enjoyed all that your hometown had to offer? Have you ever visited the local attractions? Have you enjoyed the exhibitions and markets on offer? No? Well, let me show you 7 Ways To Become A Tourist In Your Hometown. 1.…

Dealing With Holiday Stress

The Holiday Season can be extremely stressful for so many of us (including me). There is so much going on. Purchasing gifts (expensive) catching up with family you may not have seen in months, parties, shopping, cooking, cleaning and more.…