Why does giving and accepting compliments need to be so hard?

Most people like to receive compliments and praise but some people feel downright uncomfortable when they receive a compliment. So, why is it that someone enjoys receiving compliments and others despise any hint of positive feedback?

Compliments and Self Esteem

Most often, how receptive we are to compliments is a reflection of our own self-esteem. Our deep feelings of self-worth can make for a very uncomfortable existence. People with low self-esteem feel uncomfortable when receiving a compliment because they contradict their own self-views. 

If your self-esteem has suffered a blow, receiving a compliments, and also giving them can be extremely difficult. Anyone who suffers from low self-esteem basically feels that they are not good enough. And if we can see that we aren’t up to scratch, then we believe that everyone else can see it too.

Do you find it hard to accept compliments? 

Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Low self-esteem can stem from excessive judging of oneself. It can also stem from being constantly criticised, judged as unworthy and rarely given praise. As a result, you can begin to think that your self-worth depends on getting everything right and perfect. Most people who suffer from low self- esteem tend to be perfectionists.

Do you relate to this? I know I do.

Hello, my name is Dee and I suffer from low self-esteem!

So, how do you get past this?

First and foremost, you need to stop believing that other people share your own low opinion of yourself. Put simply, they don’t. Nobody is as critical of you as you are. Most people are too wrapped up in their own concerns to even have the time to evaluate or judge you. Ultimately, you are your own worst enemy!

When you next receive a compliment, don’t try to tell the person who is offering the compliment that they are wrong. Be gracious, simply receive and enjoy the compliment.

Give Compliments, Accept Compliments

If you suffer from low self-esteem, it’s not just hard to receive compliments, it can also make it nearly impossible to give them.

Imagine giving a compliment like giving a gift, it can offer just as much for the giver as it can for the receiver. You can experience yourself being kind and generous, at the same time you will get to bring joy and happiness to someone else’s life, even for a short moment!

A compliment doesn’t have to be elaborate or fake. It can be something simple, like “I love your dress”. Be genuine and mean it when you say it.

Giving and receiving compliments becomes easier when your self-esteem improves. So, starting today, enjoy receiving compliments and give them freely as well. You will feel happier and more positive than ever before.

Do you struggle to accept compliments? 

Please comment below, what will you do to improve your acceptance of compliments?