Grounding For Sound Sleep. What exactly is Grounding?

Have you ever wondered why you always feel so relaxed whenever you spend time by the ocean or in the bush? Have you noticed that when on vacation by the beach, you sleep better?

Grounding (also known as “Earthing”) is the practice where we connect electrically with the earth. Research is proving that we enjoy numerous health benefits when we connect with the earth.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t take full advantage of the ground we walk on. We wear shoes all day, we live in homes that are fully insulated, we are surrounded by electronics and the radiation that they emit. Plus many of us live in the city where there is very little green space.

The best way to get grounded is to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass or along the beach. Swimming in the ocean is the perfect way to get grounded, the ocean contains necessary minerals that enhance our health.

Grounding For Sound Sleep

So What Are The Benefits Of Grounding?

When we practice regular grounding we can expect to experience the following:

  • improved immunity
  • improved digestion
  • improved blood circulation
  • improved sleep
  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety

So, next time you are outdoors, kick off your shoes and sick your toes into the grass, get your feet dirty in some mud, walk barefoot whenever possible and enjoy the benefits of grounding.


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