7 Easy Ways to Laugh More Every Day

7 Easy Ways to Laugh More Every Day

Life can get serious and busy! And yes, it is easy to get caught up in that whirlwind but it’s important to lighten our load! Take a step back, practice balance and laugh more. Lightening our approach will help us to be more productive. Here are some tips to laugh more and keep that happy sparkle in your eyes.

1. Choose Positive People

Surround yourself with authentic real people who add value to your life in positive ways. Ask yourself if spending time with a certain person makes you feel good, makes you feel valued, makes you laugh and uplifts you? Cut out the downers, moaners, fake people and energy vampires!



2. Watch Comedy Shows

One of the easiest ways to get the laughing muscles working is to watch a funny TV sitcom. There are many humorous shows worth following such as the Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family and classic oldies like Friends. A live comedy show is even better than a TV show as you are surrounded by masses of people all laughing. Laughter is contagious and you will find yourself laughing, even more, when everyone else is too! There are plenty of comedians who have original jokes which will get your tummy rumbling.  So have a look at the comedy circuit and book those tickets!

3. Spend Time With Kids Or Pets

Children and little fluffy animals have this amazing ability to de-stress us with their cuteness and innocence. These little creatures certainly bring a light-hearted fun energy with them. So, spend time around children or pets and allow yourself to become a kid when you play with them. See the world through their innocent eyes.



4. Place Funny Cues In Your Home

Surround yourself with beautiful things in your home. Things that make you smile, such as bright flowers or a mug with a cheesy smiley face on it. Place a funny card on your fridge and update it often. Print off photos of carefree, happy memories such as holidays. These will give you a jolt of joy whenever you look at them.

5. Smile, It’s Infectious

Learn to not take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself and the silly things you end up doing or saying. Stop harshly judging yourself. Tell yourself to smile more. When you are sitting in traffic smile, even better if a great tune is on the radio sing-along cheerily! When you interact with tellers in stores, smile when you are waiting for someone or in a meeting simply smile!  Smiling makes you feel good. People will notice your smile and smile back at you. It’s infectious!

6. Take Time To Meditate

There are many different forms of meditation from sitting silently focusing on your breath to going for a walk to losing yourself in a creative activity.  If you find more opportunities to meditate, this will aid you in feeling centred and more in flow with your life.

7. Slow Down

What’s the rush? When you slow down you allow yourself to appreciate the present moment and to take note of your surroundings. Take time to connect with your colleagues and share a funny tale. Lighten up and loosen up!

I hope these tips will help you to laugh more every day and put the sparkle firmly in your eyes.

Thank you so much to the lovely Heidi for being Guest Blogger today.

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