Which would you prefer? Health Care or Medical Care?

Given a choice would you rather to be proactive with your health or would you prefer go to the Doctor every time you are ill? Would you prefer to live a healthy lifestyle and insure your ongoing health or would you rather spend exorbitant fees on Medical care where the symptoms are being treated but not the cause?

I choose to be proactive with my health which is why I have recently rediscovered Essential Oils. I choose to be proactive with my health and lifestyle and tend to avoid drugs and medication unless they are completely warranted. For example, the last few times I have been to the doctor with one illness or another I have been prescribed antibiotics…… over and over…. for years I was on antibiotics. But for the past 5 years I have thrown the prescription in the bin after walking out of the medical clinic.

I’m still here!

(FYI – If you are suffering from a medical complaint I would advise that you take your Doctors advice, not mine, this is just MY story!)



Yes, I am an advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. Why? Well, allow me to elaborate 🙂

– Essential oils are anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-infectious and antiseptic. I hate that the majority of our products (beauty, food, cleaning etc) are nothing but a CHEMICAL SHIT STORM!

– Essential Oils can combat infectious disease by killing off viruses, bacteria or other pathogens. Some oils have been shown to destroy all tested viruses and bacteria.

– Essential oils can act with both your mind and your body. The aromas in essential oils can be stimulating both psychologically and physically (perfect if you are lacking in energy). The aromas can be calming and sedating (perfect for those who struggle to sleep well, or are highly stressed). Inhaling aromas is extremely powerful. And they smell amazing too!

– Essential oils are able to detoxify both your cells and your blood.

– Essential Oils can purify the air by eliminating odours (cooking, pets, mould, bacteria and more).

– Essential oils are small enough to penetrate skin tissue.

– Essential Oils can be used in three ways – Aromatically, Topically or Internally. Some oils are not safe to be ingested (check the label). When applied topically and inhaled, essential oils are absorbed immediately into your blood stream. Oils used aromatically don’t have to go through your digestive system, so they work immediately in your body.


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Note that I am not a medical professional The statements and suggestions offered on this page are not supported by FDA. I am simply offering suggestions and ideas on how you can use essential oils in everyday life.  I assume no liability for how you choose to use your essential oils. Use good judgement and always act responsibly.

To your ongoing Health & Wellness!