Let’s face it, lockdown is kinda like Groundhog Day.

You wake up every day only to do the same thing over and over. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead, you should find things to enjoy during lockdown.

We’ve gone through 12 months of restrictions, and everyone is feeling the pain. Some more than others. My friends in Melbourne have been in lockdown so many times, I can understand if they feel the need to break free and rebel.

I consider myself very lucky. Here in QLD, we haven’t had too many restrictions. We are staying safe and taking precautions of course, but we are lucky to be living a near-normal lifestyle.

Here are some of my favourite things that I found during lockdown.  I like to call it my Lockdown Lust List!

* Disclaimer – Some of the items featured are affiliate links. This means, if you make a purchase via one of my links, I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you).

Coffee Break

One thing that kept me sane during this craziness of Covid-19 is coffee. Good coffee is absolutely necessary for my sanity. Without my morning (and sometimes afternoon) brew, I can become angry and difficult to be around. I feel sorry for my partner during those days.

A decent at home coffee machine means no more visits to the coffee shop.

Everyone needs a great Coffee Machine. This one from Sunbeam is amazing and not too expensive.

You can’t have an awesome Latte without some frothy milk. This Milk Frother from Bodum is small and easy to use.

And of course, you will need some classic coffee cups. This lovely clear glass set of 2 coffee cups will show off your milk frothing skills!

Home Decorating

I’ve been spending a lot more time doing some online shopping. I like to call it “research” of course, but when I find the perfect item for my home, I’m gonna buy it! I’m thinking cozy blankets and cushions, a comfy chair, a soft rug… you get the picture!

If we are going to be stuck at home, we should at least be able to cozy up in a comfy chair. This gorgeous chair fits perfectly into any living room setting. Imagine being curled up with a good book (and a hot coffee) in this beauty.

This faux fur sheepskin rug is seriously soft and plush. So luxurious! I just want to bury my toes in it. This will be a beautiful addition to your home. Plus, you are sure to find a colour that suits your room.

I love these cushion covers. They will look great on your couch, chair or even on your bed. Why not mix and match with contrasting colours?

Everyone loves a beautiful Wall Print and these ones are perfect for my home. I live near the beach and I seriously want to bring the beach into my home every day! I love these. They would be perfect in any room of your house.

Planty Love

During early lockdown, I was able to nurture my love of gardening by buying gorgeous plants online. I might live in an apartment, but I am lucky enough to have three balconies where I can enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

I invested in some beautiful plants that have given me so much joy.

I love all types of Decorative Pots, I have so many! But these lovely set of 3 resin pots are such a classic look. When you put your beautiful green plant in these pots, your home will look so much more inviting.

Want something a bit more fun? What about this cute pot? It’s sure to become a talking point when you have visitors.

So, tell me, which ones did you love the most?

Also, I’d love to know, how have you been spending your time during lockdown?