Take a look around you. How much stuff do you have that you rarely use or even know why you bought it? 

Maybe start with your wardrobe. How many items of clothing do you have that you either no longer wear or have never worn. Do some of them still have their tags on them?

We have become a universe of hoarders. Maybe not in the “must fill up every vacant space with crap” kind of hoarding, but the kind that feels that we MUST have the next best thing, the new upgrade as soon as it’s released, or that new piece of fashion before everyone else has it.

I realised that I was living with so much “stuff” when it came to us talking seriously about relocating.

I have a wardrobe full of clothes that is mostly stuff I have never worn. I also have a house full of furniture currently in storage, as well as all the other crap that is simply sitting there and not getting used.

We have been having a massive clean out. I’ve been listing loads of items on eBay and have been slowly clearing out the spare room (to make space for when my storage items get delivered).

Last week our kettle died! We have been deliberating what sort of kettle we should purchase next. Should be buy a fancy all-glass kettle (upwards of $100) or go with the low cost cordless style?

This past week the only water I have really needed to boil has been for my hot water bottle (I hate the cold and MUST have a hottie in my lap). So I’ve been heating up the water in a pot on the stove. I realised that we don’t NEED a kettle. Our coffee is made courtesy of a coffee maker, so the need for boiling water is not as urgent as we originally thought.

We have decided we don’t NEED a kettle.

That’s one less thing to worry about packing! 

Too much stuff stresses me out!

What do you think you can live without?