Every year, it’s becoming more and more difficult. I struggle terribly with the cold, miserable winters of Melbourne. My health suffers, my mood suffers, I become utterly miserable. I don’t go out, I don’t exercise, I never enjoy the fresh, crisp winter air (shudder), my diet suffers (ie. I eat crap)and I put on weight. I Am Moving On!

Passionate Life Project

Everything about winter depresses me. Yes, I know we don’t experience the kind of winters some people in Europe or Northern USA do, so I really shouldn’t complain.

Every year during the winter months, my guy and I take holidays in the sunny north. Sadly those holidays never seem long enough 🙁

So what do I do?

Instead of complaining and dreading the next few months,

I change my circumstances.

This time next month, we will be living on the sunny Gold Coast in QLD. We have new jobs to go to and new lives to live.

Passionate Life Project

Meanwhile, we have so much to do. Packing, finding a removalist, finding a place to live! But, I am incredibly excited to be taking this step.

I have been a bit of a gypsy my entire life. As a child we moved towns often, this meant moving schools and having to make new friends. Believe me, this is extremely difficult and harrowing when you are a shy, introverted child as I was. I swore that when I became an adult I would put down roots and live in one place for the rest of my life.

Well, that didn’t happen. First I moved to the big smoke to a job I had ZERO experience in. Then after 5 years, I moved overseas to live and work on Cruise ships. I knew no-one! Four years later I made the move to the West Indies! At least there I had one friend 🙂

I’ve been back in Melbourne for 10 years, the longest I’ve lived anywhere! Melbourne is where my friends and family are.

Maybe it’s boredom? I do definitely love a sense of adventure.

I’m a little crazy about wanting to try new things. I feel like life becomes stagnant if I’m not out looking for adventure or exploring new places.

I am truly looking forward to living by the beach, enjoying balmy weather (every day). In Melbourne today it’s 11C degrees and raining. In the Gold Coast it’s 25C and sunny. Need I say more?

Passionate Life Project

What do you do when things become boring, rough or undesirable?