New Years Resolution – Welcome Sweet 16

It’s the beginning of a New Year (Hello and Welcome Sweet 16) and like most women I’m betting that you’ve made your New Years Resolution and have some amazing goals to reach.

Whilst this is great and impressive, have you thought about how you are going to reach these goals? Have you broken them down and scheduled them?

1. Choose ONE Thing and plan to follow through

Choosing just ONE important goal is the best way to start. It’s far less overwhelming and you are more likely to succeed when focusing on one goal than on a bunch of goals that you think are all as important as the last.

2. Start with one SMALL goal

Make the goal smaller than you originally planned. Smaller goals are easier to reach and you are less likely to fail. Large goals can become overwhelming and as a result, failure is common. Along with having to aim extremely high, you are setting yourself up for failure.

3. Don’t focus on the outcome. Focus on your behaviour

Your behaviour is much more important that the outcome. Ok, maybe you want to lose weight (your goal is probably high – 10kg or more), instead of counting the numbers on the scale, aim for improving on your behaviours. What do you need to change to lose those 10kg? Giving up some daily treats? Exercising for 30 minutes every day? Increasing your water intake? Cutting back on alcohol? Sleeping more? By improving your behaviours, reaching your end goal will become so much easier.

4. Change your surroundings

Your environment is very important here. Without some form of support (whether it be from friends, your family or your spouse) you are destined to fail. If your friends won’t come to the party, find yourself a support group. Facebook is a great place for support and keeping on track. You might even find an amazing accountability partner.

5. Aim for one positive change every day

Don’t assume that small changes are unimportant. Any goal needs to be broken down into smaller chunks. Whenever you real one of these smaller goals you should celebrate! You increased your steps by 500 for the day? Yay! Celebrate that achievement. You managed a day without a sugary treat? Well done, celebrate and share.

6. Ask for HELP!

This is one thing that we independent women often fail to do. Many women believe that when they ask for help they are admitting failure, or admitting that they aren’t capable. This is NOT true. It’s ok to ask for help when we truly need it. There is no shame in asking for help. Asking for help does not make us weak or needy.

Believe it or not, most people in our society love to help and feel good about themselves when they help someone out.

To truly reach your goals, you must ask for help!

What goals or New Years Resolutions have you set for 2016.

I’d love to know.

Please leave a comment below.