Yo Daddy-o.

I can’t believe it’s been four years since I lost you.

To this day whenever I hear a funny story or joke, I want to call you at your office and have a quiet giggle with you. I know how much you enjoyed those calls as they would break up your stressful, busy day.

I miss your crazy sense of humour.

Dry as it was – only you and I understood it and got enjoyment out of it.

I’m sad we didn’t really speak of your illness since I wasn’t meant to know that you were sick. Yes, you were a very private man (a trait you passed onto both my brother and I) and I know you were only trying to protect us.

I’m sad I missed you by a matter of hours before you left this world. No flight to our hometown would have gotten me there in time to hold your hand in those last hours.

But I am grateful that I knew you, my awesome, amazing Dad. We may have been at odds for most of my adult life, but I know that we had a better understanding of each other in the end. We became mates and I treasure that each and every day. I miss you.

I’m so honoured to be your daughter.

I will be forever filled with your passion and love for life. I thank my lucky stars every night that I knew you. You are and will always the greatest Dad in the world.

Love Always,

Dee xx