We all want to lead a Passionate Life, right?

But what does Your Passionate Life look like?

Leading a Passionate Life means different things to different people. Maybe leading a Passionate Life might mean having time to go out each weekend with girlfriends? Or perhaps it means taking multiple road-trips away from your everyday life. Perhaps it means being able to spend time enjoying your favourite sports or entertainment.

What does My Passionate Life look like?

For me it’s all about freedom. Freedom from time constraints, freedom from $$ problems. Freedom to take weekends away at the drop of a hat. It also means that I can afford to take more than one holiday or break every 14 months!



My Passionate Life means being able to write on my terms. Being able to write and speak about anything I want without being audited and punished. Being able to work at what I love and enjoy, not having to act or behave like a proper corporate minion.

It also means that I can live in jeans and T-shirt every day, I can wear my trainers to work, I can shave my head and dye my hair bright pink (if pink is my colour on that particular week), and also go without makeup! All without being judged and being told that I don’t fit into a corporate lifestyle (which I have truly never enjoyed).

Freedom means I can afford to make a sea change and move near the beach – the idea of being able to sink my toes into sand every day fills me with happiness!




Sadly, living our Passionate Life is just a dream for so many of us, many parts of it are still a dream for me too! But it’s healthy to dream, dreaming gives us motivation and a sense of happiness when we set and achieve our goals and dreams.

So, what can you do now to start leading your Passionate Life?

Make a list of everything you want to do in your life, things that you could do if you had the time, the money and the resources. Don’t hold back – there are no bad ideas here! If you really put your mind to it, you should come up with at least 50 items, perhaps 100, maybe even more!

Pick your Top 20 or 30 items on that list.

Pick the Top 10 that you are capable of achieving (due to finances, time constraints etc)

Take a look at your calendar. Mark out some dates that you have available. Book in with yourself and start on your list! You can do this weekly or monthly or as often as you want. Take control of your life and your passion.

Book in your Passionate Life Project! 


Don’t ever give up on finding your Passionate Life.

It’s out there and it’s yours for the taking, it might just take a little patience and determination!