7 Easy Ways to Laugh More Every Day

It's time to lighten your load and laugh more to keep that happy sparkle in your eyes.

Rediscover Your Inner Child

So many of us forget what it's like to be young, child-like and fancy free. With no responsibilities or stress happening in our lives. The best way to feel young and stress free is to rediscover your inner child. But, how do I do this (without…

7 Ways To Become a Tourist in Your Hometown

When was the last time you enjoyed all that your hometown had to offer? Have you ever visited the local attractions? Have you enjoyed the exhibitions and markets on offer? No? Well, let me show you 7 Ways To Become A Tourist In Your Hometown. 1.…

Playtime is for Everyone

Playtime isn't just for kids. Playtime is for everyone! When did our spare time become all about entertainment rather than good old PLAYTIME? Remember the days when you would spend sunny days outdoors, playing on swings, riding your bicycle…