How To Calm Your Inner Critic -The Unfiltered Truth

Your Inner critic refers to the inner voice that judges, criticizes, or belittles you whether or not the self-criticism is deserved. A highly active inner critic can take a toll on your emotional well being and sabotage your self-confidence.

How To Enjoy The Simple Things In Life Again

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7 Easy Ways to Laugh More Every Day

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5 Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety

5 Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety

Is social anxiety holding you back from living your passionate life? Do you hesitate to make that important phone call, walk into that shop or approach someone for a job opportunity because of fear? Fear of humiliation, of a negative response…

5 Easy Ways To Enjoy Self Care Without The Guilt

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Your Essential Guide To Work Life Balance

In our current society it seems to be all work and no play. But, the big question is - why are we agreeing to live our lives in that way? Why are we spending the best years of our lives working so damn hard when we should be spending some of…

Be Kind To Yourself

When was the last time you were kind to yourself? Are you feeling utterly exhausted? Do you feel mentally or physically drained? Does your body ache? Are your muscles sore? Are you struggling with negative thoughts? Did you know that…

5 Awesome Ways to Gain Happiness

Happiness doesn't always depend on your material wealth, status or career, but often on other, more emotional aspects. So what can you do to increase or gain happiness in your life? Here are 5 awesome ways to gain happiness. Find the Silver…

How Do You Deal With Change?

How Do You Deal With Change? Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation? Do you suffer through change without so much as a bad word or thought? Or do you let your thoughts and intentions known? Are you someone who likes to…