Welcome to the Passionate Life Project!

Welcome to the Passionate Life Project!

 Creating balance between the life you have and the life you desire.

About Passionate Life Project

Passionate Life Project came about when I realised that so many women are so busy living their lives in a constant blur of family, career, friends etc that they have simply forgotten how to really enjoy life, myself included.

We women have become so independent, we rarely ask for help. When we do need help, often don’t know where to go.

My life had gotten out of control. I was fully focussed on becoming successful no matter what. I was working a full time job (shift work) plus setting up my own business, trying to maintain relationships, yet neglecting my own self-care. As a result, I became burnt-out and exhausted. I was constantly ill and had no energy to follow my passions.

One day it hit me. If I didn’t start living and enjoying my life NOW, when will I? That day I made a choice, my choice was to start living life fully.

Welcome to the Passionate Life Project! 

Passionate Life Project is about taking back control of your life and learning to live again. Taking control and learning to enjoy all of the things that have been pushed into the background.

So, if any of this sounds like you, please sign up to Passionate Life Project for a lifetime of happiness and freedom.