In our current society it seems to be all work and no play. But, the big question is – why are we agreeing to live our lives in that way? Why are we spending the best years of our lives working so damn hard when we should be spending some of our time playing or at least relaxing or having fun? 

Climbing the ladder of success is something that we all believe to be attainable. It is something that has been ingrained into us since we were children. Our parents worked extremely hard to provide for us and ensure we had the best start to life. We were led to believe that we could have one of two things, a successful career or a family. There is no reason why we can’t have both, but to do so successfully can be a balancing act.

Growing up my father worked extremely long hours, my brother and I were often already asleep when he came home from work. Needless to say, I didn’t develop a bond with my father till I became an adult. I’m sure you don’t want that for your own family.

I was brought up to believe that you had to work hard, get married, buy a house, have a family and eventually your life will have all the trimmings you expect. That’s not always the case though. When we work too hard and don’t take time out for ourselves, spend time with our friends and family, what will we have to look back on?

Imagine being on your death-bed and someone asking you “What regrets do you have”? You don’t want the answer to be “I spent too much time working and not enough time enjoying life and everything it had to offer”.

So How Do We Create a Work Life Balance?

1. Live in the present

Your life is about the here and now. You have the power to make your life exactly as you want it to be. Try not to stress about what is happening tomorrow. Live for today. By losing sleep over stressful situations, you will miss out on so many beautiful moments. Your life needs to be lived NOW.

2. Inhale

Be open to change. Make the change you feel is necessary for you to live a Passionate Life, a life of happiness, a life of courage, a life of fulfilment. Give yourself a chance to transform into the person you truly want to be. Every new breath is a chance to start over. Now is the time.

Don't Forget To Breathe

3. Slow down

Stop rushing through life. Stop multi tasking. Just because you are busy, does not mean you are achieving anything. Instead of rushing towards your next project, slow down and enjoy the journey. Take it all in. Absorb it and use the experience for your future endeavours.

4. Family first

This is non-negotiable. You might think that all of your hard work is for the future of your family but if you aren’t there to enjoy the fruits of your labour, what’s the point. Your family would prefer you to be around more often than have the material items you think they need.

5. Prioritise your health

Without good health what do you have? Nothing, pure and simple. If you don’t look after yourself first, everything else will fall down around you like a house of cards. Your family needs you, your friends need you. If you feel unwell, take a break, give yourself a chance to recover.


6. Sleep well

Did you know if you sacrifice sleep you are also sacrificing your short term and long term health? Long term sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of nasty health problems including high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, mental problems, depression and so much more. It’s important to ensure you are getting enough sleep each night.

What are you doing to prioritize balance in your life?

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance
Finding Work Life Balance